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Great Falls Clinic Vision Center Gets an Update!

In February 2022 a benefactor reached out the Great Falls Clinic interested in donating to the Vision Center. Miss Robyne ‘Missi’ Phillips has been a generous benefactor of the Legacy Foundation for several years. This time, she had such a great experience with the Clinic’s Vision Center, that she knew she wanted to help anyway she could.

Missi and Dr. McCafferty with the new Autorefractor

Thanks to Missi’s donation to the Legacy Foundation, the Vision Center was able to purchase several new specialty vision tools. One of the items purchased was a new autorefractor. According to Dr. McCafferty, the autorefractor “has helped for more rapid and accurate refractions for glasses.” Other items included an indirect ophthalmoscope and a new iCare machine to measure eye pressure.

“These purchases have helped streamline the day-to-day vision clinic operations as a whole,” said Dr. McCafferty. The Legacy Foundation was then gifted the remaining dollars after the purchases were made. Donations like Missi’s help keep the Legacy House operating at the highest of standards.

Thank you, Missi, for being a generous donor of the Legacy Foundation and making our services, and the Vision Center’s services better!

New Vision Center technology

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