Glass Half Full to Glass Overflowing

The Legacy House has been open since September 2021. As detailed in our 2022 Annual Report, we had 474 guests stay with us in the months since opening. What we could not have foreseen is what the new year would bring. In 2022 our busiest month was October with 46 completed stays. And January 2023, has blown that statistic out of the water.

January 2023 saw 58 referrals and guest stays completed, with over 20 referrals having been cancelled due to weather, illness, or appointment cancellations! And if you thought that was impressive, February having only 28 days, has seen more referrals than January.

60 referrals and guest stays were completed as of today, February 28th, 2023.

With only being 2 months into the year, we have reached 25% of the capacity that was reached in 16 months. March has 26 referrals already scheduled, with more arriving every day. We couldn’t be happier to be so busy. We strive to bring healing to our patients by providing them relief from financial burdens, and safety in our facility. The knowledge of being able to help patients eases the load, and makes work feel great.

…However, if you know of someone who has plenty of time on their hands, we are searching for volunteers to help clean on the days that we do not have housekeeping and laundry. Inquiries can be sent to

(P.S. SOS, my hands are very, very dry -Morgan)

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