Donor of the Month: Gayle Mauler!

Gayle Mauler works at the Great Falls Clinic Hospital in the Laboratory as the Transfusion Services Supervisor and she has recently taken on the Assistant Lab Manager position. She has lived in Great Falls for most of her life, and she first heard about the Foundation by seeing signs around the clinic and emails.

Photograph of Gayle Mauler
Gayle Mauler

Gayle first started donating about a year ago. She was inspired to donate because she believes the Legacy Foundation is a good cause, and shares “It is so easy to donate with the direct donation coming right out of my paycheck.”

What she has enjoyed the most about giving to the Legacy Foundation is, “[Getting to see] the progress of the patient housing.” The Harold & Carmen Poulsen Legacy Housing facility broke ground in September of 2020.
I believe [the Legacy Foundation] is a very good cause and it will help a lot of people who might be struggling financially,” Gayle said. “I feel like this will give them one less thing… to worry about when they or one of their loved ones is here for cancer treatment.”

Gayle has also experienced how cancer can affect families personally, “I had a relative that passed at a young age from breast cancer, and watching what her family went through was difficult. If they would have had access to something like [the housing facility], it may have eased at least one of their worries.

If everyone would just give a little bit each paycheck it would help so many of our patients that need our help, and it is so easy to do!

Cut Bank Patient’s Battle With Cancer During COVID by Jan Haemig

My name is Jan Haemig, and I have lived in Cut Bank for 45 years. In late June, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I received a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer. My prognosis is good, and my treatment has included lumpectomy and chemo, followed by radiation. 

Photograph of Janice Haemig
Janice Haemig

I think my story is pretty typical of others who received cancer diagnoses during this time. You wonder how you will be able to manage getting to all the appointments, surgeries, chemo, and radiation, especially when you face winter roads and live so far away from treatment. I was fortunate that my husband could get time off from work for the 1-1/2 hour trip each way so far. I have to compliment the staff for scheduling appointments so I could combine them when possible. During a time of stress, as well as undergoing chemo, all staff were positive and supportive, and I appreciated their consideration.

My last step in this process, which I am just starting, is radiation five times a week, which should take about 3-1/2 weeks. Although I’m not looking forward to staying in a hotel during this time, it’s the best solution for now. I feel fortunate that the Legacy Foundation pays hotel expenses in the interim while their housing facility is being built. Having a place to stay relieves some of the stress of dealing with cancer, knowing I won’t also have worry about making daily drives in bad weather.

It’s been exciting to see the new building going up, which will make it simpler for patients to stay near where they are getting treated. It will be convenient to have kitchenettes in their rooms so they don’t have to leave to get food, especially since many cancer patients are immunocompromised. And especially during the time of COVID-19, patients can stay away from others who may pass on illness. It will be a quiet, convenient oasis for people experiencing a difficult time of their lives.

I appreciate the Legacy Foundation and their work to help cancer patients!


#GivingTuesday, December 1, 2020, is an international day of giving. This year, we are pleased to share that we have two generous sponsors partnering with us for our annual #GivingTuesday events. First Interstate Bank and My Viola have both partnered with us to bring a special and unique #GivingTuesday experience. First Interstate Bank has pledged a matching grant up to $2,500 and My Viola is matching all flower arrangement costs.

This year, if you donate $50 or more to the Legacy Foundation for #GivingTuesday, we will hand deliver (Great Falls addresses only) a flower arrangement from My Viola with a personalized card, (donor’s choice of inscription) hand-written by a calligraphist. The donor and recipient (nominated person and/or company) will also be recognized in our annual report. Donors can be anonymous if they choose. The delivery location must be within the city limits of Great Falls, MT. To participate, please fill out the required information below. Donations must be received on or before December 1, 2020 to qualify.

Picture of Flower bouquet exampel

If you donate $49 or less to the Legacy Foundation for #GivingTuesday, the donor and nominated person will still be recognized in our annual report (must be more than $10). The donor and recipient (nominated person and/or company) will both receive a notification in the mail. Donors can be anonymous if they choose. To participate, please fill out the required information below. Donations must be received on or before December 1, 2020 to qualify.

Donations must be received on or before December 1, 2020 to qualify.

To participate in this fun event and join the cause, CLICK HERE!

For more information, please call (406) 216-8057 or email Audrey Phillips at

My Fight with Breast Cancer by Sharmon Moxley

Earlier this year I received life-changing, scary news that I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Being from Chinook, Montana, a rural town on the Hi-Line, I am over two hours away from where I would be receiving my cancer treatment. The stress of fighting cancer alone is enormous, but the added complications of travel and lodging took my diagnosis to a new level.

Sharmon Moxley

I started radiation on September 1st, 2020 and that was when I heard about the Legacy Foundation, and how they could help patients like me with long commutes. I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of housing while receiving treatment, because the Legacy Foundation would be providing a hotel for me since their housing facility is still in progress.

However, staying in a hotel room isn’t perfect. I would have liked to stay at a place where I could have cooked my food and had room to spread out to do my office work. In the Legacy Foundation’s future facility, this will not be a problem for patients. Every room will have their own kitchenette, as well as a communal kitchen and food pantry. There will also be plenty of room to spread out to get work done.

That is why I fully support the future Harold & Carmen Poulsen Legacy Housing facility. Please consider giving to this important project.

Donor of the Month – Amanda Murray!

Amanda Murray works as a Wound Care Nurse Practitioner at the Great Falls Clinic. She has been with the Clinic for six years. She was attracted to the Clinic by its family-like atmosphere, the providers and she was impressed with the quality of care that the patients received.

Amanda Murray

Amanda first heard about the Legacy Foundation through the Executive Director, Samantha Shinaberger. “About three to four years ago, I asked Sam what we were raising money for, and how the Legacy Foundation was founded. I started donating about two years ago.” Amanda now donates via the simple employee payroll deduction method.

Her personal beliefs were what led her to donate to the Legacy Foundation, “I am an advocate for patients and I strongly believe they need more than just healthcare in terms of medication to treat their illness. I believe healthcare should be caring for an individual as a whole: mind, body and spirit. Patients who are undergoing cancer treatment need to be relieved of the burden of travel. It can be a stressor that impacts their ability to heal.

When asking Amanda about a personal experience that ties her to our mission, she shared a very personal journey, “Two years ago I took care of my mom who had a terminal illness. It was trying and there were many aspects that made it tough day-to-day. Fortunately, we didn’t stress about a place for her to stay. I honestly can’t imagine if we had one more thing to add to our heavy burden at that time.”

“Being able to give to the Legacy Foundation allows members of the Great Falls Clinic and the community feel like they are part of something that will be meaningful to patients for many years to come. It feels awesome to give and be a part of something greater than yourself. It’s the best feeling in the world and the reason people work in healthcare.” Amanda said, “If you feel like you are part of the reason someone doesn’t have to stress about money on top of being sick, well that’s something to be passionate about.”

From all of us at the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation, thank you Amanda for your generosity and continued support!

How to Utilize Prime Day and Amazon Smile

This year, Prime Day is being held on October 13th-14th. We hope you are able to enjoy the savings and get a head start on holiday shopping! If you would choose the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation as your recipient for donations made from your purchases we would greatly appreciate it. 0.5% of all purchases made through Amazon Smile are given to the user’s selected charity at no additional cost to the user. Simply shop as normal and know that your contributions will go towards helping us assist outpatients that come to the Great Falls Clinic for treatment. If you haven’t heard of or are unsure of what Prime day is or Amazon Smile, read below to learn more.

Image saying 'Prime Day is here'

Prime Day is a 2-day sales event held annually for Amazon Prime account holders. Hundreds of items are put on sale, and if you have an Amazon Prime Account, you are eligible to participate in the sales event. It’s Amazon’s version of Black Friday.

Amazon Smile is an easy way for people to give to their favorite charities when they shop from Amazon. 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice at no cost to you! This means that money you spend on Amazon will return to the Great Falls community if you select us. To shop there, go to on your web browser, or activate it on your mobile app for Androids and iPhones. However, the items have to be eligible to purchase from Amazon Prime. If they are, you’ll see that the item is marked as eligible:

Image says: Eligible for Amazon Smile donation

To make sure you have the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation selected as your charity, you should see Supporting: Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation.

Image showing Amazon Smile Legacy Foundation as selected charity on Amazon Smile

If you have a different charity selected and want to change to the Great Falls Clinic, click on the drop down arrow (seen after ‘Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation’ above) and click the blue ‘Change’ text.

Image of where to change Amazon Smile charity

Ground Breaking Update

The Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation is pleased to announce our groundbreaking event took place on September 18th, 2020. The Foundation’s groundbreaking was for the Harold & Carmen Poulsen Legacy Housing Facility. The facility will provide free, temporary patient housing facility, a project which has been in the works since 2017. With this exciting news, construction has now officially begun and is slated to conclude summer 2021.

At the groundbreaking event, CEO of the Great Falls Clinic and board member of the Legacy Foundation, Vicki Newmiller, recognized the journey of the capital campaign, which was first created in 2015. The Legacy Foundation initially launched its capital campaign in July 2017 due to a generous $1 million donation from Carmen Poulsen in memory of her husband Harold Poulsen. Ms. Newmiller thanked Josh Devos with Dick Anderson Construction, who has helped the Foundation prepare for construction. She also thanked David Cantley with LPW Architecture, who has worked tirelessly with the Great Falls Clinic on facility projects in the past, and now on this new facility. Mary Willmarth was also recognized for her service to the Foundation as their capital campaign consultant. Ms. Newmiller recognized Chairman, Ed Venetz for his guidance and also thanked and addressed board members: Vice Chair Tim Peterson, Treasurer Amy Byrd, Secretary Wyman Taylor, Reed Bassett, Greg Schwandt, Brad Livingston, Dr. Thomas Warr, Dr. Karl Guter, and Dr. Robert Henderson. Ms. Newmiller gave special thanks to the Foundation’s Executive Director, Samantha Shinaberger, “She’s been here since day one with us. She is such a leader and is so passionate. Any of you who know her, know her tenacity, know her passion, and we are so thrilled to have her with us.”

Dr. Karl Guter, long-time oncologist with the Great Falls Clinic, recognized the past and current board presidents: past chair Wyman Taylor and current chair Ed Venetz, for their wisdom and leadership. “I embrace this project and I expect more positive changes on the campus and Clinic going forward,” shared Dr. Guter, before thanking all donors, both large and small. “[I] view the facility as a logical extension of our ongoing patient care, and it provides a unique service to our community and region.”

Chairman Ed Venetz added, he first heard of the Legacy Foundation when he was receiving radiation treatment at the Great Falls Clinic. His radiation oncologist, Dr. Kelly Underhill, approached him about the Foundation, and soon after he joined the board, later becoming its second chair/president. While Mr. Venetz lived in Great Falls while receiving his cancer treatment, he had heard stories from other patients about how they were struggling to find and pay for lodging. He would later experience what it was like to live in a separate town a couple of years later, when his granddaughter received a cancer diagnosis at 2 months old. Mr. Venetz and his wife packed up and lived in Denver for two months in motels to stay close to family. “I know how [cancer] affects families and patients. I couldn’t be happier that we are able to [start the groundbreaking today]. We have a great board, [and] we have great donors.”

After speeches concluded, the board, Executive Director and Carmen Poulsen gathered to break ground.

The Legacy Foundation thanks their event sponsors Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, Dick Anderson Construction, Great Falls Clinic and Stockman Bank.


Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation’s ‘My Viola Mini Flower Shop’

The Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation is excited to announce we have partnered with My Viola to add a Flower Shop in the Great Falls Clinic Hospital lobby at 3010 15th Ave South, Great Falls. A portion of your flower purchase will benefit the Foundation directly.

You can visit our Flower Shop page to view our options here: and you can also purchase online. We will deliver any flowers to Hospital patients, while all other flower orders will need to be picked up at the front desk. You can also purchase in person at any time by asking the Hospital front desk for assistance.

For phone order, please call (406) 216-8057 or you may call (406) 216-8000.

You can also visit our Flower Shop by going to our homepage and clicking ‘Gift Shop’ in our banner

If you do not see an arrangement available that you like in the cooler, My Viola will deliver for free to the Great Falls Clinic Hospital Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week. Just call (406) 771-6828 to order and be sure to mention the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation to receive free delivery.

We intend to grow the gift shop and add more items over time, including cards, phone chargers and commonly requested items. We appreciate your patience as we continue to grow!

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