Thank You To Our Payroll Deduction Donors!

At the beginning of every year, Great Falls Clinic Employees pledge money to be donated from their paychecks to the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation. It is one of our quickest-growing sources of income as a Foundation, and their dedication to our cause is part of the reason why we are able to consistently support patients who need a place to stay after a challenging diagnosis.

We wanted to honor those who had already signed up for payroll deductions in 2021 in the list below:

  • Brian Allison
  • Rhetta Brandt
  • Bonnie Bryant
  • Kensie Butts
  • Amanda Cunningham
  • Margaret Dailey
  • Krista Fuhringer
  • Leisa Hotaling
  • Zoe Irvin
  • Patti Jasinski
  • Kathy Jenkins
  • Vicki Keith
  • Melissa Kingsland
  • Patsy Kirkhart
  • Gayle Mauler
  • Mary McGivern
  • Rachelle Murphy
  • Sara Murphy
  • Sydney Norby
  • Audrey Phillips
  • Kendra Puckett
  • Tina Rabbitt
  • Megan Ratliff
  • Markie Rohrback
  • Kimberly Schwartz
  • Samantha Shinaberger
  • Jill Tanner
  • Paula Walter
  • Sheila Yuhas
Image of Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation logo

Donor of the Month: Dianna Wichman!

Dianna Wichman currently lives in Great Falls, Montana. She works at the Great Falls Clinic as the Supply Chain Supervisor. Dianna first heard about the Legacy Foundation at her place of work, and she started donating in 2020. When asked what inspired her to donate, she responded, “[I wanted] to make a contribution to honor my son’s memory.”

Image of Dianna Wichman
Dianna Wichman

Dianna also shared what she enjoys helping families in need during difficult times. She is passionate about making sure that families have one less thing to worry about. “I think [the Harold & Carmen Poulsen Legacy Housing Facility] will be a wonderful addition to our community.” Dianna shared, “[I] give kudos to all of those that have made this a possibility for our community.”

At the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation, employee giving is one of our fastest-growing avenues for donations. In 2020, the Foundation quadrupled its payroll deductions, which are automatically withdrawn by Human Resources and directed to the Legacy Foundation. The amount can be set for however much or however long the donor would like it to give. In 2020, the majority of donations via payroll deductions were within a $5-$10 price range. Payroll deductions can also be used to pay for fundraising projects, and several employees choose to donate for special events throughout the year this way. To learn more about employee giving, contact Audrey Phillips at (406) 216-8057 or

Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation Welcomes New Board Member

The Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation is pleased to welcome Jon Boutilier with Stockman Bank to our Board of Directors. Jon is a well-known member of the Great Falls community and plans to help contribute to both the Foundation’s and the Great Falls Clinic’s success.

Image of Jon Boutilier
Jon Boutilier

Jon is originally from Helena, MT and attended Montana State University in Bozeman after graduating from Capital High School in Helena. Jon made the move to Great Falls in January 2006, but had spent many summers in Great Falls growing up as his grandparents lived in town. Jon made the move when the opportunity arose and his family journeyed to Great Falls through Jon’s work, setting a priority for themselves to find the perfect family-oriented community. Jon secured a position with Stockman Bank in 2010 and is now their VP – Branch Manager/Commercial Loan Officer. He enjoys meeting being part of a growing community, providing the foundation for business opportunities, and knowing your business had a “piece” of your community growing. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors at the Great Falls PreRelease Center and on the audit committee for Easter Seals Goodwill. Jon married his wife, Mandi, 17 years ago and they have two children together. Jon enjoys spending time with his family and friends in Montana’s great outdoors. He likes to golf, go boating, snow skiing, and attend his kid’s sporting events, too. Jon uses the Great Falls Clinic for his medical needs and has been a patient of Dr. Kluge for several years. Jon first heard about the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation in 2019 at the Leaving a Legacy Gala, the Foundation’s annual event.

Havre Woman’s Fight Against Breast Cancer, by Ligia Arango

In 2020, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I completed my yearly mammogram and that is when it was discovered. I was informed that I would need 17 treatments and I would have to stay in Great Falls for the duration of my treatment. Because of this, I was referred to Tina Rabbitt, the Cancer Care social worker. Tina told me about the housing grants the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation had to offer, and said they would most likely pay for my stay while in treatment. I was very grateful and impressed that there was a group of people thinking about women like me and ready to offer financial support.

Image of Ligia Arango
Image of Ligia Arango

It didn’t really hit me that I had cancer until I started treatment and realized the immense scope of what I was going through. I was away from my home, I wasn’t able to work, and I was living with a disease that could kill me. I knew very little about the intense treatments, and they looked ominous – like out of Star Wars.

The donation from the Legacy Foundation allowed me to focus on taking care of myself. It was a gift that gave me the space to deal with the emotional, and physical demands of the treatments without the worry of wondering how I would pay for my housing. As the days have gone by and my life is back to my regular schedule and activities, every so often I think back about those days in Great Falls. The picture in my mind is a large diverse group of women, lovingly and quietly carrying me. They carried me through the radiation treatments. What a great gift, I was not alone. Because of my journey and newfound knowledge of patients traveling for treatment, I fully support the future Harold & Carmen Poulsen Legacy Housing facility. Please consider giving to this important project.

Donor of the Month: Robyne Phillips!

Meet our December donor of the month, Robyne Phillips! Robyne is currently living in Great Falls, Montana, and first moved to the area with her late husband, Bill, in 1983. Bill was in the Air Force when he met Robyne in 1972, and married a year later. Robyne now runs her own business online called the Skeldale House.

Robyne shared that she had first heard about the Great Falls Clinic after her and her husband were relocated from Australia to Great Falls in 1983. “They have been the best to us,” shared Robyne. She later chose the Great Falls Legacy Foundation to be the beneficiary of her will.

Image of Robyne Phillips and Kit Robinson
Robyne with Kit Robinson, Head of respiratory Therapy

In December of 2020, Robyne donated $16,000 to help the Great Falls Clinic Hospital purchase a new ventilator to help fight COVID-19. When asked what had inspired this generous donation, Robyne said, “COVID-19 got to me. [I enjoy] being able to help. I am passionate about the Clinic and the service they gave to [my husband and I] over the years.”

Image of Robyne Phillips
Robyne Phillips

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much Robyne!

#GivingTuesday Update

We are pleased to announce that through our #GivingTuesday efforts, the Legacy Foundation sold over 52 bouquets and raised a total of $6,000 with our generous matching partnership with First Interstate Bank!

This year, if a donor gave $50 or more to the Legacy Foundation for #GivingTuesday, the Foundation would hand deliver a flower arrangement from My Viola with a personalized card that the donor would dictate to a recipient of their choice. Along with this, both the donor and recipient would be acknowledged in the Foundation’s Annual Report the following year.

#GivingTuesday is an international day of giving. First Interstate Bank and My Viola partnered with us to bring a special and unique #GivingTuesday experience this year. First Interstate Bank pledged a matching gift up to $2,500 and My Viola matched all flower arrangement costs.

Thank you to all of the donors who participated. We look forward to our next 2021 #GivingTuesday event!

GFC Legacy Foundation #GivingTuesday Flyer
#GivingTuesday Flyer

Thank you to everyone who participated!

  • Brian Allison in honor of Kathrine Many Hides
  • Reed Bassett in honor of Carissa Bassett
  • Mike Bates in honor of Kelley Aline
  • Susan Cox in honor of Gina McArthur
  • Mary Beth Duke in honor of Sheila Yuhas
  • Arliss Engstrom in honor of Lisa Henneford
  • Arliss Engstrom in honor of Alison Town
  • Ian Farnes in honor of Marlena Azure
  • Krista Fuhringer in honor of Kelly McDermott
  • Brad and Alison Gaug in honor of Highgate Senior Living Residents
  • Dr. Karl Guter in honor of Dr. Colleen Marron
  • Paul Hanson in honor of Highgate Senior Living – Great Falls
  • Katie Hix in honor of Tara Haman
  • Angela Hobbs in honor of Bonnie Weeks
  • Leisa Hotaling in honor of Betty Hotaling
  • Dave Jerdon in honor of Beth Jerdon
  • Zale Kaupish in honor of Samantha Shinaberger
  • Dr. David Kluge in honor of Brehanne Kluge
  • Todd LePard in honor of Heidi LePard
  • Debbie Martinez in honor of Louise Winn
  • Sean Murray in honor of Amanda Murray
  • Ron Newmiller in honor of Vicki Newmiller
  • Sean Pahut in honor of Rachel Pahut
  • Timothy Peterson in honor of Alisa Peterson
  • Tim Peterson in honor of Karen Knaup
  • Tim Peterson in honor of Sandi Beattie
  • Robyne Phillips in honor of Inpatient Nurses
  • Jackson Phillips in honor of Audrey Phillips
  • Dr. Gregg Pike in honor of Dr. Malinda Pike
  • Dom Puckett in honor of Kendra Puckett
  • Tina Rabbitt in honor of Sheila Yuhas
  • Eric Ray in honor of Connie Ann Ray
  • Scott Reasoner in honor of Allison Tangen
  • Dr. Dustin Riddle in honor of Highgate Senior Living Residents
  • Sandy Robinson in honor of Highgate Senior Living Residents
  • Ed Schoenen in honor of Beth Schoenen
  • Greg & Deb Schwandt in honor of Immediate Care Team
  • Kimberly Schwartz in honor of Bonnie Schwartz
  • Mark Seal in honor of Alexandria Vogel
  • Samantha Shinaberger in honor of Haley Denzer
  • Kari Smith in honor of Sandy Baranko
  • Jill Tanner in honor of Terri Williams
  • Wyman Taylor in memory of Jack Lewis
  • Ed Venetz in honor of Betty Funyak
  • Ed Venetz in honor of GFC Infusion Center
  • Ed Venetz in honor of Vicki Newmiller
  • Ed Venetz in honor of Pia Schermele
  • Ed Venetz in honor of Samantha Shinaberger
  • Miriam Walter in honor of Kay Walters
  • Thomas Warr in honor of Patsy Kirkhart
  • Michael and Susan Weiser in honor of Inpatient Nurses
  • Jodell Winter in honor of Adrienne Gue

Donor of the Month: Gayle Mauler!

Gayle Mauler works at the Great Falls Clinic Hospital in the Laboratory as the Transfusion Services Supervisor and she has recently taken on the Assistant Lab Manager position. She has lived in Great Falls for most of her life, and she first heard about the Foundation by seeing signs around the clinic and emails.

Photograph of Gayle Mauler
Gayle Mauler

Gayle first started donating about a year ago. She was inspired to donate because she believes the Legacy Foundation is a good cause, and shares “It is so easy to donate with the direct donation coming right out of my paycheck.”

What she has enjoyed the most about giving to the Legacy Foundation is, “[Getting to see] the progress of the patient housing.” The Harold & Carmen Poulsen Legacy Housing facility broke ground in September of 2020.
I believe [the Legacy Foundation] is a very good cause and it will help a lot of people who might be struggling financially,” Gayle said. “I feel like this will give them one less thing… to worry about when they or one of their loved ones is here for cancer treatment.”

Gayle has also experienced how cancer can affect families personally, “I had a relative that passed at a young age from breast cancer, and watching what her family went through was difficult. If they would have had access to something like [the housing facility], it may have eased at least one of their worries.

If everyone would just give a little bit each paycheck it would help so many of our patients that need our help, and it is so easy to do!

Cut Bank Patient’s Battle With Cancer During COVID by Jan Haemig

My name is Jan Haemig, and I have lived in Cut Bank for 45 years. In late June, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I received a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer. My prognosis is good, and my treatment has included lumpectomy and chemo, followed by radiation. 

Photograph of Janice Haemig
Janice Haemig

I think my story is pretty typical of others who received cancer diagnoses during this time. You wonder how you will be able to manage getting to all the appointments, surgeries, chemo, and radiation, especially when you face winter roads and live so far away from treatment. I was fortunate that my husband could get time off from work for the 1-1/2 hour trip each way so far. I have to compliment the staff for scheduling appointments so I could combine them when possible. During a time of stress, as well as undergoing chemo, all staff were positive and supportive, and I appreciated their consideration.

My last step in this process, which I am just starting, is radiation five times a week, which should take about 3-1/2 weeks. Although I’m not looking forward to staying in a hotel during this time, it’s the best solution for now. I feel fortunate that the Legacy Foundation pays hotel expenses in the interim while their housing facility is being built. Having a place to stay relieves some of the stress of dealing with cancer, knowing I won’t also have worry about making daily drives in bad weather.

It’s been exciting to see the new building going up, which will make it simpler for patients to stay near where they are getting treated. It will be convenient to have kitchenettes in their rooms so they don’t have to leave to get food, especially since many cancer patients are immunocompromised. And especially during the time of COVID-19, patients can stay away from others who may pass on illness. It will be a quiet, convenient oasis for people experiencing a difficult time of their lives.

I appreciate the Legacy Foundation and their work to help cancer patients!

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