Donor of the Month: Kari Smith

September’s Donor of the Month is Kari Smith! Kari is the Environment of Care coordinator at the Great Falls Clinic for nearly a year. She is originally from Stanford, MT, but now lives in Great falls with her husband, Zach, and two kids, Kane, and Kaleigh. Kari heard about the Legacy Foundation from working at the Great Falls Clinic. She started donating monthly in March of 2021, but even before that she participated in our fundraisers and bought flowers from our flower shop, My Viola. She has not attended a fundraiser yet but is very excited to attend the 2021 Gala coming up in October.

Kari Smith Family
Kari with her husband Zach, and two children Kane, and Kaleigh

When asked what inspires her to donate Kari said, “The word ‘cancer’ isn’t a stranger to me. My grandpa passed away a little over 25 years ago from cancer, my mom had her own battle with cancer 10 years ago, and several other friends have been affected by cancer. It’s been one of the easiest decisions for me to start donating to the Legacy Foundation knowing that it will be helping several individuals and families for years.”

Some final thoughts Kari shared, “What I enjoy most about giving to the Legacy Foundation is that I know it will be providing individuals and families from surrounding areas a place of comfort during their courageous battles. I know the Legacy Foundation would have been used by my mom if it was around 10 years ago.”

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