Patient of the Month: David Berg

My name is Linda Berg. I am from Gilbert, Arizona, but I came to Great Falls with my father to offer support throughout his treatment. My father was diagnosed at the age of 86. He had fallen and broken his wrist and ribs, but while getting an X-ray on his ribs the Doctors found a tumor in his lung. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and lymphatic cancer in the chest cavity. His treatment entails five days of radiation and one day of chemo each week. My father lives 2 ½ hours from Great Falls, this would mean a 5 hour commute six days a week. The Legacy has been a blessing. It was very convenient and peaceful.

Linda and David Berg
Pictured: Linda with her father, David

There are so many people I need. It is amazing the generosity of those that provide a safe place for patients in a time of uncertainty. The burden of cancer is enough so to have the financial burden lifted is a great relief. We are very grateful. 

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