Tough Enough to Wear Pink Central Montana Partnership!

Grant Bebee holding a large check from TETWP
TETWP large check in front of fireplace

Tough Enough to Wear Pink Central Montana and the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation have partnered together to bring hope and healing to Cancer patients traveling to the Great Falls Clinic.

In October of 2022, Anna Morris with Tough Enough to Wear Pink Central Montana (TETWP-CM), contacted us about items that could be purchased and used within the Legacy House. Morgan, Foundation Coordinator, sent her an email the next day with a large “wish list” of items that had been saved on Amazon. These items were things needed for the Legacy House but had not yet been purchased. Things like lamps with USBs, more quilts, top sheets, shelving units, bookcases, bathmats, and more. These items would help our guests be more comfortable, and the Legacy House be more organized.

Over the next several days, packages upon packages upon packages arrived at the Legacy House. The picture below is only about 60% of all the packages received! While Ms. Morris asked Morgan to provide an extensive list, we had not expected for everything to be purchased. In total, TETWP-CM purchased the Legacy House over $3,000 worth of items to improve our facility!

  • 2 Snow Shovels
  • 10 Tall Lamps with Reading Lamps
  • 12 Table Lamps with 2 USB ports
  • 4 Steel Shelving units
  • 3 Book Cases
  • 6 Overhead Kitchen Lights
  • Many Hand Towels, Bath Towels, Wash Rags, Small Towels
  • 5 King Blankets, 5 Queen Blankets
  • 6 King Top Sheets, 6 Queen Top Sheets
  • 16 Bathmats

Morgan worked tirelessly day and night (not really, though it did take several days) to assemble shelves, bookcases, lamps, and many loads of laundry! Where rooms like our library and maintenance room were disorganized (not messy), they are now much easier for guests (and employees) to navigate. Bedrooms were upgraded with new table lamps with USB ports for easier charging access and the new lighting increased the light within the room. The bookcases tied the living area together with all the movies being displayed in an easy to navigate way. Guests are now able to browse through our selection of books, games, and puzzles in an easy, safe manner.

But that is not all that TETWP has done for the Legacy Foundation. The amount donated to the Legacy Foundation was a total of $15,000, and the purchase was just over $3,000. So where is the remaining $12,000?

The remaining $12,000 exists in the form of Town Pump, Albertson’s, and Subway gift cards. These gift cards will help cancer patients traveling to Great Falls from 1 of 8 counties in Montana -Fergus, Judith Basin, Petroleum, Wheatland, Golden Valley, Musselshell, Meagher, and Garfield. This partnership will allow us to give these gift cards to cancer patients from these counties to help them with their journeys. Patients receive these gift cards while at the Oncology department, or they can come over to the Legacy House to receive them.

We are so grateful to the wonderful people at the Tough Enough to Wear Pink -Central Montana organization for learning and thinking about us. And to everyone who has ever donated to TETWP-CM and the Legacy House – Thank you.

Both organizations value one thing above all else – the patients. The patients are why we are here, and we are glad to partner up to continue helping patients on their journeys together.

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