A Donor and Patient: Meet Craig and Janis Ulrich

Hello, my name is Craig Ulrich. My wife Janis and I are from Conrad, Montana. I travel to Great Falls, MT to receive cancer treatment. This is the fifth time I have been diagnosed with cancer. Most recently, I was diagnosed with bronchial cancer, but I have also been treated for lung cancer, colon cancer, and cancer in my arm, and skin cancer. I started treatment for my most recent diagnosis on July 6th, and am due to finish treatment on August 20th. My treatment consist of radiation and chemotherapy. When I have radiation, my appointments last around 45 minutes. When I am having chemo and radiation together, my treatment lasts 3 to 4 hours. I drive to Great Falls every day for treatment.

Image of Mr. Ulrich
Pictured: Craig Ulrich

I have had the best experience with the Oncology Staff at the Great Falls Clinic. They care about their patients deeply, and are committed to an individual level of care that I value tremendously. From the receptionist at the front desk, to my scheduler, to the oncology nurses and providers, you can tell that their focus and priority is patient care. Cancer treatment is not enjoyable, but they do their best to make it the best experience I can have.

It was the level of personal care I received at the Great Falls Clinic Oncology Department that made me and my wife’s decision to donate easy. We wanted to donate to the Legacy Foundation to honor their efforts and dedication. I know how a job can get to you over the course of time. I also know how well patients will be treated here, which made me and my wife’s decision to donate easy. The staff here have not let their job make them jaded to their patient’s needs. 

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