Beam Signing Event

Over the week of January 25th, the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation held a beam signing event in honor of the new facility. Several of the staff and donors joined to sign the beam, which will be in the elevator shaft of the new Legacy Housing facility.

A beam signing ceremony represents the successful completion of a major project by having participants sign a major structural support beam within the facility. This beam will live within the facility with the inscriptions and personal notes of all that made it possible. It will not be visible to the public eye. It is very similar to a time capsule.

Here are some photos of the signatures and people signing:

Photo of Cathy Christianson signing the beam
Cathy Christianson
Photo of Amanda Cunningham signing the beam
Amanda Cunningham
Photo of Dave Jerdon signing the beam
Dave Jerdon
Photo of Dr. Bob Maynard signing the beam
Dr. Bob Maynard
Photo of Ed and Karen Venetz signing the beam
Ed and Karen Venetz
Photo of Dianna Wichman signing the beam
Dianna Wichman
Image of Vicki Newmiller
Vicki Newmiller
Samantha Shinaberger, Executive Director
Audrey Phillips, Foundation Assistant
image of beam being moved
TJ Lashley, Dick Anderson Construction
image of I-beam on truck
The beam on its way to be installed in the facility
image of I-beam after signatures
Full beam with signatures

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