Donor of the Month – Brian Allison!

Brian Allison works as a Medical Scheduler for the Ophthalmology and Optometry Department at the Great Falls Clinic. He moved to Great Falls in 2014 from Missoula for work and found an opportunity with the Great Falls Clinic.

Brian Allison donor of the month
Brian Allison

Brian first heard about the Legacy Foundation through the Executive Director, Samantha Shinaberger. “She has been very good about getting the word out to all the Clinic employees about the Legacy Foundation. I asked her about the programs and immediately hopped on board with a payroll deduction.”

Brian started donating a little less than a year ago. Although he hasn’t lived in Great Falls or worked at the Clinic for very long, he immediately understood the importance of giving back to the community.

“My inspiration for donating has been the times where I myself have benefited from donations given to me and my family. I try to donate a little each paycheck because of that. The Legacy Foundation makes it easy to give because, as a Clinic employee, I have access to automatic payroll deductions. I don’t even see the money. It’s also important because my donations are going to several good causes,” Brian shares.

Brian currently donates to the Legacy Foundation’s three primary funds: the free patient housing project, the pediatric medical fund, and the cancer travel fund. Brian is the only employee at the Clinic to donate to all three and the first employee to ask if this was even a possibility.

“I think it’s important to help those that are less fortunate or in positions that no one should be in. Especially in Central and Eastern Montana, we have patients that travel hours one-way for our services and in some instances they have too much on their mind so if this donation can help them in any way I’m all for it. I know that people with cancer or other medical conditions have a lot more to think about than how they are going to get to their appointments or where they are going to stay while here.”

Brian adds that it’s really easy to get involved at the Clinic with various projects and he wishes more employees would get involved with the payroll deduction. “It goes to wonderful causes and all you have to do is set it up with Samantha and forget about it. Every little bit helps reach the goals of the programs!”

From all of us at the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation, thank you Brian for your generosity and continued support!

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