Donor of the Month: Robyne Phillips!

Meet our December donor of the month, Robyne Phillips! Robyne is currently living in Great Falls, Montana, and first moved to the area with her late husband, Bill, in 1983. Bill was in the Air Force when he met Robyne in 1972, and married a year later. Robyne now runs her own business online called the Skeldale House.

Robyne shared that she had first heard about the Great Falls Clinic after her and her husband were relocated from Australia to Great Falls in 1983. “They have been the best to us,” shared Robyne. She later chose the Great Falls Legacy Foundation to be the beneficiary of her will.

Image of Robyne Phillips and Kit Robinson
Robyne with Kit Robinson, Head of respiratory Therapy

In December of 2020, Robyne donated $16,000 to help the Great Falls Clinic Hospital purchase a new ventilator to help fight COVID-19. When asked what had inspired this generous donation, Robyne said, “COVID-19 got to me. [I enjoy] being able to help. I am passionate about the Clinic and the service they gave to [my husband and I] over the years.”

Image of Robyne Phillips
Robyne Phillips

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much Robyne!

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