February Donor of the Month: Tina Rabbitt!

My name is Tina Rabbitt and I am fortunate to be a Social Worker at the Great Falls Clinic Oncology Center. I am inspired to give to the Legacy Foundation because of our patients and their need for housing and support.

Photo of Tina Rabbitt
Tina Rabbitt

One of the most moving patient situations I have been involved with is George*, a veteran who lives nearly 90 miles away from Great Falls. George served his time in the military during the Vietnam War and spent the rest of his career doing “whatever work he could find”. He is the sweetest most unassuming gentleman you can imagine meeting. When he was diagnosed, he lived in a very modest home and drove a vehicle at least 20 years old. George also appeared quite frail to me with his long beard, faded jeans and worn coat. George was sure there was no way to get treatment due to the cost of treatment, gas for the trips to Great Falls and eating out. He had thought about staying in his car but it was too cold (the idea of him staying in his car broke my heart). I was able to find a place for George to stay that got him through treatment and he was thankful. It was such a joy to help George get the treatment he needed!

I get excited when I think about the new Legacy Foundation facility providing a place for patients like George to stay near his doctors and nurses in a warm, comfortable place where he has others who are going through the same thing to talk to. It is so exciting, I get goosebumps!

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

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