Havre Woman’s Fight Against Breast Cancer, by Ligia Arango

In 2020, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I completed my yearly mammogram and that is when it was discovered. I was informed that I would need 17 treatments and I would have to stay in Great Falls for the duration of my treatment. Because of this, I was referred to Tina Rabbitt, the Cancer Care social worker. Tina told me about the housing grants the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation had to offer, and said they would most likely pay for my stay while in treatment. I was very grateful and impressed that there was a group of people thinking about women like me and ready to offer financial support.

Image of Ligia Arango
Image of Ligia Arango

It didn’t really hit me that I had cancer until I started treatment and realized the immense scope of what I was going through. I was away from my home, I wasn’t able to work, and I was living with a disease that could kill me. I knew very little about the intense treatments, and they looked ominous – like out of Star Wars.

The donation from the Legacy Foundation allowed me to focus on taking care of myself. It was a gift that gave me the space to deal with the emotional, and physical demands of the treatments without the worry of wondering how I would pay for my housing. As the days have gone by and my life is back to my regular schedule and activities, every so often I think back about those days in Great Falls. The picture in my mind is a large diverse group of women, lovingly and quietly carrying me. They carried me through the radiation treatments. What a great gift, I was not alone. Because of my journey and newfound knowledge of patients traveling for treatment, I fully support the future Harold & Carmen Poulsen Legacy Housing facility. Please consider giving to this important project.

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