Acts of Kindness

Last month we asked you to share random acts of kindness that have happened to you. Thank you to everyone who responded, here are some of our top answers:

Debbie Martinez shared about her coworker Amanda Cunningham who brightened her day after losing her beloved pet. “My dog Milo passed away a few days ago and I was feeling down. My coworkers knew, and when I came back to my desk one day I found a cute bouquet left to me. I found out that it was from Amanda later on. It meant so much to me that she would go the extra step to make my day better!” Debbie also shared a story about a company in town who donated to a patient at the GFC. “We had a patient that could not get crutches, and while Clarks Orthopedics could not get the crutches through insurance, they were able to get a used set donated to the patient.”

Brittney Ippel shared about a coworker who brightened her day. “She knew I was having a long day, so she brought me a cookie!”

Audrey Phillips shared about her first birthday at the Legacy Foundation. “I was less than a month into working at the Legacy Foundation when it was my birthday. I wasn’t expecting much, but I absolutely thrilled when I came in and my coworkers gave me flowers and a card. It meant so much to me.”

Samantha shared a random act of kindness she experienced,”One day, I ran out of money on my cafeteria card and Sydney Norby was behind me in line and paid for my lunch. It was such a generous act of kindness. I assured her I was on my way to get my card to buy a new one and that it was no big deal, but she insisted on treating me. It was so kind. Thank you Sydney!”

Kari Smith told us about how her neighbors go the extra mile. “When my family first moved into our house here in Great Falls, back at the beginning of October, everyone in our neighborhood made time to come introduce themselves to us. They brought heartwarming gifts such as baked good and flowers picked from their own flower beds. The kind heartedness didn’t stop there. Since we have moved here our neighbors will put our trash can out on the street on garbage day and even shovel our driveway/sidewalks when it snows.”

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