My History with Cancer by Peggy Gould

My name is Peggy Gould and I was diagnosed with cancer at 84 years old. This was not the first time I had been diagnosed with cancer, and I have successfully beaten cancer three times before. The first time I was diagnosed with cancer, 30 years ago, I was treated for breast cancer with surgery and chemotherapy in December 1991 and January 1992. The second diagnosis I had was in January 1998. I had two CAT scans and they found a spot in my right lung. A bronchial test was performed to try and get a biopsy of my lung, but they could not get one. My doctor decided because of my cancer history to do surgery to remove my right lower lobe of my right lung.

Image of Peggy Gould
Pictured: Peggy Gould

Most recently, I knew something was wrong early in the morning in late February 2021. I went to the ER in my hometown of Havre for some pain that I thought was related to a blood clot. After running some tests and a CT scan, I learned I had cancer for the third time. They had found a mass in my left lung. I had been treated successfully at the Great Falls Clinic before, and so decided to seek treatment there again.

When I received my most recent diagnosis, it was a shock after so many years of no cancer. I was diagnosed again with lung cancer. Fortunately, I had no symptoms, but I knew I still needed to seek treatment for this diagnosis. I will be receiving chemotherapy for approximately five weeks and radiation for approximately seven weeks, although that is subject to change. I was lucky, I had people who could drive me from Havre to Great Falls for my treatment. My family drives me so I can try and recover at home. Even though I am not using the housing opportunity available to me, I know it will benefit those who aren’t as fortunate and need to drive themselves.

The staff of the Great Falls Clinic Oncology department has been a huge blessing for me and my family. They are compassionate and uplifting and explain things thoroughly. When scheduling my appointments, they are very flexible and accommodating as they know we come from Havre. I know the facility will help people like me who have to travel for healthcare. If the weather was bad for traveling, it would be nice to know I had a place to stay close to my treatments even if only for a night. 

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