Healthy Again – by Marianne Burleigh

My name is Marianne Burleigh. My hometown is Lewistown, MT. In 2020, I was received a medical diagnosis that necessitated my stay in Great Falls for 17 days. Great Falls is an hour and a half away from my hometown, and I knew I would not be able to drive back and forth every day. I had to go to the Clinic once a day for 17 days, but my treatment was only on the weekdays, which meant I ended up staying in Great Falls for over three weeks considering that extra time added for the weekend.

Image of supportive hands

Because the Foundation did not have its own housing facility at that time, I stayed at the Great Falls Inn. Unfortunately, I was only allowed to stay during the week, and had to find my own housing during the weekend. I was able to stay with a friend, but would have preferred only staying in one place for my treatment. With the new facility, I know that is something I will be able to do.

When I first received my diagnosis, I was distressed. I did not know what the next steps would be, and felt so alone. Fortunately, I heard through Tina Rabbitt, the social worker at the Great Falls Clinic Cancer Center, about the Legacy Foundation, and it was good to know that I had an affordable option available to me, and that my housing would be secure for the duration of my treatment. The staff at the Great Falls Inn and the nurses in Oncology were very nice to me. Now I am healthy again.

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