How to Utilize Prime Day and Amazon Smile

This year, Prime Day is being held on October 13th-14th. We hope you are able to enjoy the savings and get a head start on holiday shopping! If you would choose the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation as your recipient for donations made from your purchases we would greatly appreciate it. 0.5% of all purchases made through Amazon Smile are given to the user’s selected charity at no additional cost to the user. Simply shop as normal and know that your contributions will go towards helping us assist outpatients that come to the Great Falls Clinic for treatment. If you haven’t heard of or are unsure of what Prime day is or Amazon Smile, read below to learn more.

Image saying 'Prime Day is here'

Prime Day is a 2-day sales event held annually for Amazon Prime account holders. Hundreds of items are put on sale, and if you have an Amazon Prime Account, you are eligible to participate in the sales event. It’s Amazon’s version of Black Friday.

Amazon Smile is an easy way for people to give to their favorite charities when they shop from Amazon. 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice at no cost to you! This means that money you spend on Amazon will return to the Great Falls community if you select us. To shop there, go to on your web browser, or activate it on your mobile app for Androids and iPhones. However, the items have to be eligible to purchase from Amazon Prime. If they are, you’ll see that the item is marked as eligible:

Image says: Eligible for Amazon Smile donation

To make sure you have the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation selected as your charity, you should see Supporting: Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation.

Image showing Amazon Smile Legacy Foundation as selected charity on Amazon Smile

If you have a different charity selected and want to change to the Great Falls Clinic, click on the drop down arrow (seen after ‘Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation’ above) and click the blue ‘Change’ text.

Image of where to change Amazon Smile charity

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