Donor of the Month – Amanda Murray!

Amanda Murray works as a Wound Care Nurse Practitioner at the Great Falls Clinic. She has been with the Clinic for six years. She was attracted to the Clinic by its family-like atmosphere, the providers and she was impressed with the quality of care that the patients received.

Amanda Murray

Amanda first heard about the Legacy Foundation through the Executive Director, Samantha Shinaberger. “About three to four years ago, I asked Sam what we were raising money for, and how the Legacy Foundation was founded. I started donating about two years ago.” Amanda now donates via the simple employee payroll deduction method.

Her personal beliefs were what led her to donate to the Legacy Foundation, “I am an advocate for patients and I strongly believe they need more than just healthcare in terms of medication to treat their illness. I believe healthcare should be caring for an individual as a whole: mind, body and spirit. Patients who are undergoing cancer treatment need to be relieved of the burden of travel. It can be a stressor that impacts their ability to heal.

When asking Amanda about a personal experience that ties her to our mission, she shared a very personal journey, “Two years ago I took care of my mom who had a terminal illness. It was trying and there were many aspects that made it tough day-to-day. Fortunately, we didn’t stress about a place for her to stay. I honestly can’t imagine if we had one more thing to add to our heavy burden at that time.”

“Being able to give to the Legacy Foundation allows members of the Great Falls Clinic and the community feel like they are part of something that will be meaningful to patients for many years to come. It feels awesome to give and be a part of something greater than yourself. It’s the best feeling in the world and the reason people work in healthcare.” Amanda said, “If you feel like you are part of the reason someone doesn’t have to stress about money on top of being sick, well that’s something to be passionate about.”

From all of us at the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation, thank you Amanda for your generosity and continued support!

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