Sweetgrass, MT Patient’s Experience with Cancer

For Marvin, being diagnosed with cancer was stressful enough. Marvin lives close to the Canadian border, in Sweetgrass, Montana which means he needs to travel over two hours to Great Falls for treatment, or over four hours round trip. When asked how traveling has affected his treatment, Marvin shared that it really added to his stress level.

Just when he should be focused on getting treatment and getting better, he and his family had to scramble to arrange for a place to stay and figure out how to pay for it.

Marvin shared, “Luckily for me, the Great Falls Clinic Cancer Care team contacted the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation for help. The Foundation was able to secure a place for me to stay and covered the cost as well.”

“Rural Montana patients and their families will benefit from Legacy Housing. In the future, not having to worry about housing and having a place to stay with family during treatment would be ideal. Any assistance that could be provided towards establishing a housing facility at the Great Falls Clinic would be greatly appreciated.”

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