Free Housing Makes a Difference by Karen Venetz

Free Housing Makes a Difference by Karen Venetz

Our granddaughter, Adriana Rose, was diagnosed with Infantile Fibra Sarcoma shortly after birth at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado. We were on the road to Denver immediately and stayed in Denver for the next three months until she was well enough to be released from the hospital. During the last six months, we have made regular trips to Denver to support our children, as Adriana still required weekly visits to the hospital for check-ups.

We were lucky; we could afford a motel and have use of our son’s home. While at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado, we visited with families that shared how grateful they were to receive housing while their child was receiving care. The families were in Denver from all parts of the U. S. They were without a home, family, or support. Many of these children were hospitalized for months receiving cancer treatment or Bone Marrow Transplants. We thought we had it tough. These families were experiencing heartbreak and tough challenges. We were fortunate that we could be there for an extended time without hardship, along with the other set of grandparents to offer our encouragement. It was heartwarming to hear how appreciative families were for comfort, softening the time away from home and family.

We saw firsthand and believe free housing is a lifeline to families stressed with a “cancer” diagnosis and the burden of dealing with a long term stay or long-term treatment.

We are happy to report our granddaughter rang the Cancer Free Bell on October 11th, 2019, just one week shy of her ten-month birthday.   

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